Nothing feels more important today than empathy and listening in school. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Teachers Guild and Better Make Room to launch This is Me and I Matter: a national campaign for empathy building. More dialogue between teachers and students translates to more empathy and understanding in the classroom. We’re doing this because it feels like now more than ever, we need to work toward creating inclusive spaces for listening and understanding.

This idea was originally developed by a teacher in Portland who wanted to help her Latino students combat stereotypes. Now, we’re bringing it to life and hoping for it to reach a larger scale. To get involved, students can simply share a 10-20 second video on social media through their smartphones. You can see an example of student videos here . Recording a video only takes a couple of minutes. Students, get the support of your teachers and start recording! Everyone can make a difference in their schools through empathy.  We’ve designed a school kit that lives here.