Create an orientation program for students who are transferring into your school.

How To:

Starting a new school in high school can be difficult. Prepare an orientation program that can be run at the beginning of the year for students who are new to the school.

Brainstorm the important information and present it in a fun way. Connect students to important resources in the school and show them around – after all, students are the experts about what it’s like to go to that school. Don’t forget to invite new students to join inspirED!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • If your school has a lot of mid-year transfer students, repeat the program throughout the year as necessary.

Fast Facts:

  • Increasing social connectivity in schools fosters higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement (Cothran & Ennis, 1999).
  • High school students often describe feeling anonymous and powerless at school (Pope, 2001).
  • Studies show that meeting new people can make you happier (Epley & Schroeder, 2014).