Host an academic bowl or trivia contest.

How To:

Let students show off their knowledge with an academic or trivia Olympics! Organize homerooms, advisories, or classrooms to compete in a trivia Olympics event.

Teachers can write trivia questions that represent content covered in their departments and classes, and add just-for-fun questions.

Decide on a scoring system and start! Ask administration to offer prizes to winners.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • This project could also be an event where students form teams and sign up.

Fast Facts:

  • Playing games in academic settings can make students feel like they are more active participants in the learning process (Miller, 2014).
  • Having fun and experiencing positive emotions at school can increase school engagement and students’ capacity for learning (Fredrickson & Joiner, 2002).
  • Students thrive when schools provide opportunities to showcase a range of talents outside of traditional academics (Snyder, 1999).