Student-led discussions on issues and topics facing teens.

How To:

Mobilize your inspirED team to tackle issues facing your fellow students. Work in small teams or pairs to research and prepare seminar-style lessons on issues that are relevant to your peers, and plan a day where students can attend.

Structure the day to have multiple options for participants – maybe they can choose their session, or rotate so they can attend multiple sessions at different times.

You can choose the topics based on what’s interesting to your inspirED team, or have students submit ideas. Consider topics like:

  • Talking to your parents about life after high school
  • Mental health
  • Fitness, nutrition, and exercise
  • Social media
  • Cultural experiences
  • Arts, music, theater, or dance
  • Getting active in your community
  • LGBTQIA Pride
  • Jobs, interviewing, and employment
  • Risk-taking
  • Safe relationships and teen dating violence

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Collaborate with other student groups who have expertise to share.
  • Team up with faculty so they can share their knowledge.
  • If it’s not possible to do a whole event, offer the lessons during flex periods or after school.

Fast Facts:

  • When schools offer resources outside of traditional academics, students benefit academically and socially (Fredricks & Eccles, 2005).
  • Studies show that when students feel they have more of a voice in their schools, rates of high school dropout decline (Smyth, 2006).
  • Student-led discussions can help students become more self-confident in academic settings and promote the development of important leadership skills (Boud et al., 1999; Boud, 2001).