Showcase the talent of your student body!

How To:

Organize a talent show to highlight students’ talents! Everyone has something they they’re good at, and a talent show is a great place for students to shine.

Recruit performers and an emcee or two. Work with the emcee(s) to create the order of the set list, taking into account any set-up or props that need to be prepared.

Hang flyers and campaign on social media to encourage people to attend, and livestream the event on social!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Practice the acts themselves as well as the time needed between acts.
  • Consider charging admission as a fundraiser for other inspirED projects.

Fast Facts:

  • Showcasing what students are doing outside of academics brings attention to the diverse interests and strengths of members from all corners of a school’s community.
  • Students thrive when schools provide opportunities for them to showcase a range of talents outside of traditional academics (Snyder, 1999).