Show the value of different skills and interests through competitions around cooking, fashion, or other skills.

How To:

It seems like there’s a reality TV show for every possible talent or interest – why not have one at your school? Host an event for students to show off their talents in a friendly competition. Use the rules from an existing show or invent your own – the possibilities are endless!

Participants can prepare ahead of time or be completely surprised! Don’t forget to recruit judges with some knowledge in the area and develop a scoring system. Decide if you’ll have elimination or points awarded.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Encourage participants to be like the friendlier shows and support each other.
  • Consider having the audience participate in voting for their favorite entry!
  • Offer a variety of prizes in addition to the final champion.

Fast Facts:

  • Students thrive when schools provide opportunities to showcase a range of talents outside of traditional academics (Snyder, 1999).
  • Showcasing the students’ interests brings attention to the diverse talents of members from all corners of a school’s community (Westheimer & Kahne, 1993)..
  • Having fun and experiencing positive emotions at school can increase school engagement and students’ capacity for learning (Fredrickson & Joiner, 2002).