Organize at least one match or game for each athletic team where you try to get high attendance.

How To:

Show your school spirit and support for your school’s athletic teams! Use social media to hype up an event for each sport and try to get as many students as possible to attend.

Think about ways to make sure everyone is aware and excited to attend – you can feature athletes or teams on your school’s social media and ask them to share their goals for the game or match and why they’re excited for fellow students to support them.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Broaden the scope of this project by expanding the teams that you cheer for – think chess team, marching band, math team, robotics team, gaming team, and debate team!

Fast Facts:

  • Schools with a stronger sense of community identity help promote the development of identity in individual students (Rich & Schachter, 2012).
  • Activities that promote school spirit contribute to greater student satisfaction and connectedness in school (Libbey, 2004).
  • Gathering to cheer on high school athletic teams fosters cooperative behavior and a sense of school pride (Langbein & Bess, 2002).