Students of color come together to collaborate and build cohesion.

How To:

A student summit is designed for groups of like-minded students to come together and share common concerns, joys, struggles, strategies, and solutions. A Students of Color summit is an opportunity for students to establish community and a commitment to diversity while connecting and sharing support for challenges they may face in the school community.

There are many ways to organize a student summit, including featuring inspiring speakers, organizing breakout groups, or recruiting presenters to share activities or presentations. Goals of the summit might include things like: building connection and community between students for social support, learning from students willing to present resources or strategies, or drafting a policy proposal to share with school administration.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Collaborate with student groups that may already exist on campus to support students of color or promote diversity.
  • This event can be relatively short (an hour or two for a focus group-style event) or a whole day.

Fast Facts:

  • Learning about diversity, and being part of a diverse community, contributes to greater personal and educational growth, and higher levels of school satisfaction (Kuh et al., 2006).
  • Collaborative activities are one of the most effective ways to positively affect attitudes and behaviors regarding discrimination in school settings (Milem, 2003).
  • Exclusion and discrimination in school contribute to mental health issues, low self-esteem, and lower academic achievement and engagement for students of color (Bottiani et al., 2016).