Have students and teachers shadow each other to foster empathy and connectivity.

How To:

Being a student is challenging. So is being a teacher. Coordinate opportunities for students and teachers to shadow each other during the school day.

Host discussion roundtables before and after, asking participants what they think the experience will be like and fostering reflection after shadowing. Encourage students and teachers to draw upon their empathy skills and delve into what it’s like to have other roles at school.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Have students and teachers shadow as a set pair who shadow each other for a richer discussion.

Fast Facts:

  • Empathy building at school allows for stronger and more productive relationships between students and teachers (Jennings & Greenberg, 2009).
  • The most effective positive school changes happen when students and teachers work together (Mitra & Gross, 2009).
  • Positive student-teacher relationships lead to higher levels of student engagement and better learning outcomes (Skinner & Belmont, 1993).