Pair students with staff for regular check-ins.

How To:

All students deserve to have an adult to go to that they trust. For some people, making a connection is hard or they don’t know where to start. Start a school-wide policy that pairs all students with an adult who regularly checks in with students and offers them support. Prepare an information sheet for staff so they know where to go or who to ask if students are having a serious issue.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Don’t limit this project just to teachers – think about all the staff in your school.

Fast Facts:

  • In a 2017 poll, only 38% of students strongly agreed that the adults in their school cared about them (Gallup, 2017).
  • Positive relationships between the students and adults in a school lead to higher levels of student engagement and better learning outcomes (Skinner & Belmont, 1993).
  • The most effective school changes happen when students and staff work together (Mitra & Gross, 2009).