Get students mingling with this fun spin-off of speed dating!

How To:

Think to a speed dating scene in a movie – bells ringing, people switching seats and awkwardly meeting someone new. Take that concept and apply it to your school, except make it fun instead of awkward!

Choose a topic or theme for the event – it can be anything! Work with your inspirED team to generate discussion questions.

Organize students into two groups, one who will stay and one who will rotate. You can use seats or not and go in a line or in a circle.

Go! Ask questions in rounds, giving a couple minutes for each round, starting with introductions to the new partner. Let pairs know when it’s time to wrap up, say goodbye, and rotate to their next partner for the next question!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • This project can work with big groups or small groups.
  • Offer to facilitate this activity during 9th grade orientation!
  • Adults who are present can join in, or have their own group to rotate within.

Fast Facts:

  • Story sharing is a key element in the empathy development and community building (Grobstein, 2007).
  • Studies show meeting new people, even if the encounter is brief, can make you happier (Epley & Schroeder, 2014).
  • Increasing social connectivity in schools fosters higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement (Cothran & Ennis, 1999).