Coordinate a week full of themed days at your school focused on building community and excitement.

How To:

Whether sports are big at your school or not, school spirit weeks are a great way to get everyone excited about being a member of your school community. Organize a different theme for each day of the week, hype it up on social media, and give recognition or prizes to students who are the most creative. Grades or other groups (like advisory or homeroom) can compete against each other for participation.

End the week with a pep rally, big game, or other event to celebrate the week and announce the winners.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Make sure that your events don’t exclude students because of financial resources or ability.
  • Collaborate with student government or class-level officers to get students on board.

Fast Facts:

  • Participating in fun activities at school is a great way to promote bonding and fosters a sense of belonging in students (Ayers et al., 2005).
  • Schools with a stronger sense of community identity help promote the development of identity in individual students (Rich and Schachter, 2012).
  • A strong sense of school spirit can improve reports of student satisfaction and connectedness in school (Libbey, 2004).