TVs, bulletin boards, or other media are placed around the school to showcase school achievements, kind messages, and positive quotes.

How To:

Find a space in your school where your inspirED team can display your messages. Does your school use TVs or monitors, bulletin boards, posters, daily announcements, newsletters, or newspapers?

Decide what your message will be. Consider themes or categories, like student quotes, photos of student activities, individual or group achievements, or messages of kindness.

Gather a group of students to curate content. Include multiple forms of media when possible, including visuals, audio, or video.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Consider having more than one display area.
  • Announce to the school this is a project for students, by students.
  • Get everyone from different clubs and the general student body to suggest content.

Fast Facts:

  • Students feel more connected and valued as members of the school community when their work is displayed in classrooms and hallways (Frumkin, 2006).
  • Studies show that when students feel they have more of a voice in their schools, rates of high school dropout decline (Smyth, 2006).
  • Colorful and stimulating surroundings can enhance learning and student engagement (Fairbanks, 2000).