Create and decorate a set of student guidelines around safety and respect to post in your school.

How To:

Collect ideas for a list of guidelines that students agree to uphold in school. Focus on respect and safety in relationships with each other and staff and respectful norms.

Gather student ideas from a survey (paper or online) or through small groups (advisories or homerooms). Invite students to join you as you work on compiling all the input and synthesizing into one document. Get it printed as large as possible and posted prominently. If possible, invite everyone to sign it!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Take this project to the next level by working with administration to jointly revise existing student policies, handbooks, rules, etc.

Fast Facts:

  • Schools that involve students in decision-making are more likely to have collaborative and cooperative relationships between faculty and students (Leren, 2006).
  • Studies show that when students feel they have more of a voice in their schools, rates of high school dropout decline (Smyth, 2006).
  • In a 2017 poll 55% of students reported feeling stuck or discouraged in school (Gallup Inc., 2017).