Create a video to demonstrate your school’s positive impact on the community.

How To:

Showcase how your school impacts the people in your local community. Create a video showing students in action, demonstrating positive impact and giving back to the community (the inspirED Project & Activity Database has lots of idea!) and share it with the community.

Post the video to school social media channels and the school website, and ask administration to show it to incoming students!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • To increase your impact, consider sharing your video with folks at the district offices, the school board, and the local news.

Fast Facts:

  • A strong sense of school pride can improve reports of student satisfaction and connectedness in school (Libbey, 2004).
  • School-organized volunteer opportunities are a great way to encourage students’ civic engagement (Flanagan & Levine, 2010).
  • Internet users retain 95% of a message when it is presented in a video and only 10% when they read it in text (Insivia Analytics, 2018).