Create cards and flyers with important resources for students to access.

How To:

Is there a serious issue affecting many students at your school? It can be difficult to know where to get help.

Create small cards or flyers to make available to students with lists of what they can do or where they can do to get help. Issues might include food insecurity, mental health, homelessness, abuse at home, bullying, challenges facing first generation college students, dating violence, or immigration status.

Your team can also start a campaign on social media to make these resources available and hang posters with the information.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Collaborate with professionals at school who can help – think school psychologist, school social worker, or school counselor.

Fast Facts:

  • High school students often describe feeling anonymous and powerless at school (Pope, 2001).
  • The most effective positive school changes happen when students and teachers work together (Mitra & Gross, 2009).
  • Only 1 in 5 students with mental health problems receive mental health services (Committee on School Health, 2004).