Host an awards ceremony to recognize staff and students who are making a difference in your school.

How To:

Schools aren’t always able to recognize everything that deserves recognition – but your inspirED team can help! Brainstorm areas of recognition and celebration that are under-represented in the usual school ceremonies, like acts of kindness, compassion, courage, positivity, student voice, generosity, community engagement and volunteerism, family dedication, and more.

Think about the best way to recognize the students who are usually in the background. Consider having students apply and/or asking for nominations from teachers and fellow students.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • This project doesn’t need to be a separate event – ask administration if you can present your awards as a part of an existing school recognition event.

Fast Facts:

  • Expressing gratitude to others can significantly improve levels of happiness and wellbeing (Lyubomirsky & Schkade, 2005).
  • Students and teachers must feel respected by, and connected to, their communities in order to develop a positive sense of self-worth (Morrison, 2006).
  • Showcasing what students are doing outside of academics brings attention to the diverse talents of members from all corners of a school’s community (Westheimer & Kahne, 1993).