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How To:

Are students in your school interested in political action? Most politicians are willing to visit schools and talk to students about issues that are important to them.

There are lots of ways to format a visit from a political speaker – they can give a talk, participate in a question and answer session, or join a series of roundtable discussions.

If you’ll be asking questions, students can submit questions ahead of time and your inspirED team can filter them for duplicates. You can also see if the speaker would be willing to give information and answer questions about civic involvement for teens.

Coordinate with the official’s office for scheduling and if you have any special requests.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Consider inviting multiple officials from different areas and levels of government.
  • Aides from offices might make interesting speakers too!
  • Remember that the United States governmental system has three branches, and visitors from any and all branches can make interesting speakers! Don’t feel limited to just elected officials – judges, commissioners, and agency leaders are all part of the government system.

Fast Facts:

  • Teenagers can be a powerful force in political change through their contribution of fresh perspectives on political issues (Flanagan & Levin, 2010).
  • High levels of social connectedness and engagement in extracurriculars in high school predict greater rates of civic engagement into adulthood (Flanagan & Levin 2010).