Set up a bell or sound on the loudspeaker that goes off a few times a day or week and reminds everyone to stop what they’re doing and take three deep breaths.

How To:

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool, but tough to remember in the busy school day. Encourage the school community to practice mindfulness through a sound reminder, like a bell, song, or instrument played over the loudspeaker. Incorporate this sound into regular school practice – daily, weekly, etc. – to build mindfulness into the school’s routine.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Depending on how familiar your school community is with the concepts of mindfulness, find a way to introduce everyone to mindfulness so they know what to do.

Fast Facts:

  • Taking time to pause and collectively gather attention before starting class helps students begin the class in a present, calm and focused state (Hart, 2004).
  • Studies show that practicing mindfulness in school-wide settings can lead to reductions in violent incidences by as much as 83% (Semple, Droutman, & Reid, 2017).