Welcome the ninth graders to school and show your support for a great year!

How To:

Gather your inspirED team (and maybe a few enthusiastic friends!) on the morning the the ninth grade first day of school. Stand outside the entrance and cheer for everyone on their way in – you can even make signs to hold!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • A red carpet would take this event to a new level!
  • If your school starts everyone on the same day, this project is still fun!

Fast Facts:

  • Even if students find the event embarrassing it can still be a positive experience! Experiencing an embarrassing event with peers can actually promote bonding through establishing a shared emotional connection (Robbins & Parlavecchio, 2006).
  • When individuals within a group laugh together they become closer through recognizing commonality and establishing a sense of belonging (Garner, 1997).
  • In order to develop a sense of self-worth at school, students must feel supported by, and connected to, their community (Morrison, 2006).