Work as an inspirED team to visit ninth grade classes and help students become closer to their new school community.

How To:

Partner with ninth grade classes or advisories to help students adjust to high school. Prepare activities or a presentation, and work with your inspirED team to visit each ninth grader in a classroom. Include all the important information that ninth graders need to know, and don’t forget to leave time to answer questions!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Visiting more than once to do a check-in will help build trust and connection.
  • Let the students know you care about their voice and invite them to join inspirED!

Fast Facts:

  • Increasing social connectivity in schools fosters higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement (Cothran & Ennis, 1999).
  • Easing the transition between middle school and high school can help reduce the prevalence of high school dropout (Cohen & Smerdon, 2009).
  • Students fail 9th grade more frequently than any other grade (Cauley & Jovanovich, 2006).