Start a podcast designed to highlight and share students’ stories.

How To:

Create connection to others through stories. Sharing and hearing stories is a great way to build community and foster understanding.

Recruit students to participate by sharing stories of their lives, big and small. Students can record by themselves or in groups. Find an interruption-free space for recording, and use sound equipment that you already have or borrow from someone in school.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Teachers can connect this project to lessons about narrative form.
  • Students can record in any language!

Fast Facts:

  • Research shows that a shared emotional connection cultivates a stronger sense of community (McMillan & Chavis, 1986; Pernau, 2017).
  • High school students often describe feeling anonymous and powerless at school (Pope, 2001).
  • Studies show that telling stories about emotional events causes substantial prosocial and psychological development (Niederhoffer & Pennebaker, 2009).