Add a motivational quote on the morning announcements every day.

How To:

Add some motivation and inspiration to the school day through the morning announcements. Work as an inspirED team to curate a batch to share with whoever does the morning announcements, and invite students to submit quotes to share.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • If possible, have a student read the quote each day.
  • If your school has filmed announcements, include the quote in visual format too – think Instagram quotes!

Fast Facts:

  • Students who report feeling engaged and motivated in school are 4.5 times more likely to feel hopeful about the future (Gallup Inc, 2018).
  • Motivated students attend school more, are more self-confident and thrive academically (Fullan, 2001).
  • Unifying phrases can be used to communicate that everyone in the school is committed to strengthening the community together (Bredeson, 2000).