Create small check-in points around the school that encourage self-awareness and mindfulness.

How To:

Create small mindfulness reminders, such as posters or signs describing a one- or two-minute meditation or breathing exercise, and hang them around the school. Where could your school use more mindfulness? Look for opportunities in places where people might have a moment to themselves – at the water fountain, the bathroom sink, in a study hall, or by a locker. Checking in can allow students and faculty to be more present in the spaces they exist in and have a more positive experience in these spaces.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Consider hosting a mindfulness session or group to teach people about the power of mindfulness if they are unfamiliar.

Fast Facts:

  • Schools that teach mindfulness report seeing declines in student stress and anxiety and improvements in self-confidence and the ability to focus (Mahfouz et al., 2018).
  • Incorporating mindfulness practices into students’ daily lives leads to social, emotional, and academic growth that extends from the individual to the entire community (Semple, Droutman, & Reid, 2017).
  • Studies show that practicing mindfulness in school-wide settings can lead to reductions in violent incidences by as much as 83% (Semple, Droutman, & Reid, 2017).