Create a space where students can go to practice meditation and yoga.

How To:

Research shows that meditation and yoga have positive effects on emotions and performance in school. Create a space where students can have quiet and practice meditation or yoga.

There are lots of ways to introduce meditation and/or yoga to students who are unfamiliar. Your inspirED team can make a schedule of people at school who can teach one or both. If that’s not possible or during times when no one can teach, you can post pictures of sample yoga sequences or meditation mantras with instructions on the wall. Similarly, you can offer devices that can play videos or yoga sequences or guided meditations.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Check if the physical education department can help with supplies, space, or instruction.

Fast Facts:

  • Research shows that teaching yoga in schools correlates to improvements in students’ mood, self-esteem and memory (Ferreira-Vorkapic, 2015).
  • Meditation and yoga teach high schoolers skills to more effectively cope with stress and regulate their emotions (Serwacki & Cook-Cottone, 2012).
  • As little as two minutes of meditation a day can improve students’ alertness and ability to focus in the classroom (Erricker & Erricker, 2001).