Add a motivational quote on the morning announcements every day.

How To:

Start a school-wide scavenger hunt to make students more engaged with their surroundings. Hide pictures of the school mascot around the school and challenge students to find it the quickest. Hold weekly or monthly challenges!

This project could also be a race to find the mascot by posting a picture on social media with a hashtag. Another alternative would be to hide the mascot with various adults and encourage students to have a chat with that adult and get to know them better when as they’re looking for the mascot.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Offer a prize for the winners!
  • Be mindful of where you’re hiding the mascot so that everyone will have an opportunity to find it. For example, avoid only hiding it in honors classrooms or only in music classrooms.
  • If you’re doing this project with photos, don’t hide it anywhere that can’t be photographed, such as bathrooms or locker rooms. Check with your school’s policies about photographing inside classrooms.

Fast Facts:

  • Activities that promote school spirit contribute to greater student satisfaction and connectedness in school (Libbey, 2004).
  • Participating in a fun activity with peers is an opportunity for community bonding and promotes a student’s sense of belonging (Ayers et al., 2005).
  • Positive student-teacher relationships lead to higher levels of student engagement and better learning outcomes (Skinner & Belmont).