Organize a day-long event to promote teamwork and physical activity at your school.

How To:

Get everybody moving! Plan a fun day with games, activities, contests, and tournaments!

Choose a location or facility for the Field Day, and make sure that you have a backup in case of bad weather.

Decide what the games will be, making sure that there are options for everyone regardless of athleticism, size, and ability. Be resourceful about supplies – ask to borrow from the P.E. teachers or coaches. Look for things around the school that you can use to make games!

Find a way to organize students into teams – you could use existing groups like homeroom or advisory, or create groups randomly. Don’t forget to have a cheering squad!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Think outside the box for this event. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, what can you do inside?
  • Think about creative activities that students will want to do. Consider traditional activities like tug-o-war and sack races, as well as less traditional options like “Minute to Win It-style” activity relays.
  • Be realistic about timing – some games take longer than others, and you’ll need extra time if you have students rotating between activities.

Fast Facts:

  • Participating in a fun activity with peers is a great opportunity for bonding and promotes a student’s sense of belonging to the school community (Ayers et al., 2005).
  • Research shows that exercising can improve one’s mood for as long as 12 hours (Sibold & Berg, 2010).
  • Studies show physical activity and fitness correlate to improved cognitive performance and academic achievement (Hillman, Erickson & Kramer, 2010; Lees & Hopkins, 2013).