Create a video to showcase clubs, sports, and other programs available at school.

How To:

If your school has a lot to offer, it can be hard for students to know everything that’s available. Create a video where each club, sports team, or other program has the opportunity to showcase what they’re about and how students can get involved. Post the video on your school’s website or social media channel.

This project could also be a series of short videos posted on the school’s social media channels, or shown during assemblies or the morning announcements.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Encourage each group to be creative and show themselves in action!
  • Don’t forget about academic programs like career-tech, vocational-tech, or vocational-agricultural, and student groups like volunteer programs, and of course, inspirED!

Fast Facts:

  • 57 percent of students participate in at least one extracurricular activity after school (US Bureau, 2014).
  • Showcasing what students are doing outside of academics brings attention to the diverse talents of members from all corners of a school’s community.
  • Students thrive when schools provide ample opportunities to showcase a range of talents outside of traditional academics (Feldman & Matjasko, 2005).