Create a school culture around spreading encouraging words.

How To:

Work with your inspirED team to choose encouraging words or a phrase to share with the student body. Then, post it everywhere – through social media, via hashtag, on the announcements, and on the walls! Spread positivity by sharing words of encouragement with fellow students and staff at school.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Choose new words or phrase every week or month to keep momentum.
  • Ask members of your school community to submit suggestions for encouraging words.
  • Get creative with how you spread your encouraging words!

Fast Facts:

  • Empathy building within the classroom allows for stronger and more productive relationships between students and teachers (Jennings and Greenberg, 2009).
  • Schools with a stronger sense of community identity help promote the positive development of identity in individual students (Rich and Schachter, 2012).
  • Unifying phrases help communicate that everyone in the school is committed to strengthening the community together (Bredeson, 2000).