Coordinate a campaign for all students to give five other students a compliment every day.

How To:

Create space for people at school to appreciate each other. In this campaign, students will share compliments of substance, or compliments that really show an understanding of the other person. Typically, this means avoiding shallow compliments like, “You look nice.” Instead, a substantive compliment could be, “You’re always so generous when it comes to helping others” or “Your comments in class are really thoughtful.”

Students can share meaningful comments on social media using a hashtag for the campaign.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • The inspirED team can ask teachers to facilitate this campaign in their classes.

Fast Facts:

  • In order to develop a sense of self-worth, students, and teachers, must feel respected by and connected to their community (Morrison, 2006).
  • Expressing gratitude to others can significantly improve your own life satisfaction and well-being (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon & Schkade, 2005).
  • Studies show that being kind to others can make you happier! (Dunn, Aknin & Norton, 2008).