Organize a trip into the community to give back to local charities, nonprofits, or organizations doing important work.

How To:

Choose a cause that’s important to students at your school and find an agency that needs volunteers. You and your inspirED team can recruit interested students and sponsor a field trip to a shelter, food pantry, housing authority, animal shelter, or environmental agency.

Research what’s available in your community, and explore alternate paths. If a site can’t host a group of volunteers, can you work as a group to create something (like blankets, care packages, toys, etc.) and send it? Some agencies will even come to your site with all the materials provided.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Some organizations have age requirements for volunteers – check first.

Fast Facts:

  • Studies show that volunteering and helping others can make you happier! (Dunn, Aknin & Norton, 2008).
  • School-organized volunteering opportunities are a great way to promote civic engagement in students.
  • Research has shown that cooperative group work can lead to reduced levels of bullying and improved conflict resolution abilities (Johnson & Johnson, 2004).