Partner with the community to pick up trash and make the community more beautiful!

How To:

Organize a group of interested students and spend a day (or a few hours) giving back to the community by picking up trash on or around school grounds, or at a local community space.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Depending on where you go, there may be an agency or organization that would love your help with other beautification tasks like painting or gardening.

Fast Facts:

  • Studies show that helping others and volunteering your time improves your own happiness (Dunn, Aknin & Norton, 2008).
  • Coming together to take care of the school building can help foster a greater sense of belonging by making students more invested in the physical condition of the space (Flutter, 2006).
  • School-organized volunteer opportunities are a great way to encourage students’ civic engagement (Flanagan & Levine, 2010).