Create kits of needed supplies to distribute to the community.

How To:

Communities have different needs – learn about your community and work as an inspirED team to create kits to send out into the community. Work as an inspirED team to have a drive for supplies like food, hygiene items, baby/child items, winter apparel, or school supplies and invite students and staff to help you package them up. Then, distribute them through the school system or work with an existing nonprofit to give them.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Community agencies often have “wish lists” for items that would help their work.
  • Your inspirED team might be able to make items. For example, hats or blankets can easily be made from fleece from a craft store.

Fast Facts:

  • 35% of students report participating in volunteer work at least once or twice a month (Flanagan & Levine, 2010).
  • Studies show that helping others and being charitable improves your own happiness (Dunn, Aknin & Norton, 2008).
  • School organized volunteering opportunities are a great way to encourage students’ civic engagement (Flanagan & Levine, 2010).