Host a shopping period for classes.

How To:

Work with administration to offer a shopping period for classes structured like a collection of pop-up shops. Find a large space and set up stations for teachers so that students can move around and “shop” the different classes by reviewing syllabi, asking questions, and getting to know the teachers.

Students can use this event to learn more about what classes are offered and choose what they want to register for. If possible, coordinate this event for rising ninth graders before their first year.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • This event could be expanded to a whole school fair that features clubs and activities that students can join.

Fast Facts:

  • Students thrive when schools provide opportunities to showcase a range of talents and interests (Snyder, 1999).
  • When students take classes they are passionate about they are motivated to work longer and harder and are more likely to report greater levels of satisfaction and fulfillment (Harpaz & Snir, 2014).
  • Schools that involve students in decision-making are more likely to have collaborative and cooperative relationships between faculty and students (Leren, 2006).