Decorate the sidewalk with positive messages!

How To:

Grab some sidewalk chalk and get your inspirED team together to decorate the sidewalk and entryway. Be positive and encouraging!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Check with administration to see if your team will be required to wash the chalk off.
  • Include pictures!

Fast Facts:

  • Participating in group art-making activities promotes community bonding and has been linked to improvements in mental health, confidence and self-esteem (Hacking et al., 2008).
  • Positivity is contagious! If you are kind and encouraging to your peers they are more likely to pass on that positivity to others(Bono & Ilies, 2006).
  • The entryway is the often the first thing students see when they arrive at school. A colorful and optimistic message could help students start their days off on a positive note (Ford, Hutton & Seward, 2007).