Compete with other high schools to clean up the most at school!

How To:

Recruit other high schools to join a beautification battle! Set a timeframe and a goal – improve the look of school the most. Invite folks from the school board or district offices to serve as judges and maybe even offer a prize to the winning school.

Get as many people at school excited and involved as possible!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • If schools have very different levels of resources, it might be fair to set a budget.

Fast Facts:

  • Coming together to take care of the school building can help foster a greater sense of belonging as students become more invested in the physical condition of the space (Flutter, 2006).
  • School cleanliness can affect students’ test scores by as much as 11 percentage points (Earthman, 1999).
  • Positive changes to the physical appearance of schools can lead to lower rates of negative behaviors (Kumar, O’Malley & Johnston, 2008).