You are officially taking your first step towards a positive school climate. This is your chance to investigate challenges and discover opportunities for improvement in your school community. During this phase, you will survey your school climate to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your community. See resources below.

Learn about the domains of school climate

Explore your options for gathering school climate data

Organize and synthesize your school climate data

Discuss your data with your team and take the next step towards planning your inspirED project


During this phase, you and your inspirED team will meet to brainstorm possible projects that could help address the challenges identified in Phase One. Phase Two allows you to get creative and to think of interesting ways your team can make the changes you want to see at your school.

Use this worksheet to visualize where you are, where you’d like to be, and what it takes to get there

Develop and build on your team’s project ideas

Consider project ideas that are aligned to monthly themes

Check out some great starter project ideas and adapt to your school


During Phase Three, you will plan and implement your inspirED project, campaign, or initiative. This phase involves commitment, goal-setting, passion, collaboration with your teammates, and strategic planning. Phase Three is where your team can work together to bring your plan to life, and launch something impactful for your community!

Have lots of great ideas? Map out your projects for the whole school year!

How to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound goals

Work backwards from the end of your project to set goals along the way

Some suggestions if your project needs funding to launch


The last phase is time to reflect and celebrate. During this phase you will gather feedback about your project from teachers, administrators, and fellow students. You will also recognize your inspirED team’s accomplishments during this phase, and take some time to celebrate all of your hard work! Through gathering feedback about how your project created impact, you can also assess your next opportunity to create even more positive change.

Use this discussion guide to consider the impact of your work

Offer your teammates feedback in an emotionally intelligent way

Reflect on your growth and accomplishments even if you didn’t achieve all your goals

Take some time to celebrate and recognize the hard work…you deserve it!

Ask your peers how they think your project went and use the information to inform your next project