My mom always told me I can be whoever I want to be when I get older. However, ever since I was little girl, I knew that I wanted to be a superstar. In whatever shape or form that entailed, I knew I needed to be offering inspiration and entertainment to the world. My journey went a little something like this: 

7 years old: Dancer

8 years old: Singer

9 years old: Hair stylist 

10 years old: Fashion Designer 

11- 18 years old: Public figure

Above is what I wanted to be starting from the age of seven. When I wanted to be a dancer, I took dance classes and which is what led me to have such a passion for it today. However, I moved on. Watching groups like The Cheetah Girls and Pussycat Dolls inspired to become a singer, which didn’t work out at all. Then, when I wanted to be a hair stylist I made my mom buy me several head mannequins. Long story short: I ended up chopping all of the hair off every mannequin lol. I always knew I was a fashion loving diva since the age of ten, which led me to wanting to be a fashion designer. My mom bought me a sewing machine and I actually taught myself how sew. The first thing I ever made was a pillowcase (I was so hyped lol). 

Anyways, I found my voice through poetry shortly after that. I began speaking at and hosting several events in front of many people and found that this is exactly what filled my desire to be a superstar. I could go on and on about how much I love public speaking and why, but I personally have a short attention span and I’m sure ya’ll would love for me to get to the point already lol. The point is this: My mother told me I could be anyone I wanted when I grew up. But the truth is, you can be anyone you want at any point in time. 

I like to think and dream positively. Here are some tips that help me turn my dreams into realities: 

  • Try something just to try it and if you don’t like it, try something else. 
  • If you don’t like a choice you’ve made, don’t beat yourself up about it.. Make a new choice! 
  • If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, they aren’t big enough.
  • Create a 5 step action plan and make sure you do at least 1 thing a day to accomplish 1 of the 5 steps.
  • Create a vision board! Post it on your wall for inspiration and to remind yourself of what you want! 

BioKamey Gomez is an alchemist and a dreamer. An 18-year old from East Harlem New York, she has transformed traumatic experiences into stories of inspiration through spoken word, rhymes, and motivational speeches. While currently a freshman attending Syracuse University, she publicly serves as an empowerment advocate, dancer, speaker and host–pushing herself and others to create lives others deem impossible. Kamey actively creates a world in which young girls from even the harshest circumstances can attain their wildest dreams. With a love for creative language and self expression, in 8th grade, Kamey’s short-story, See The Sunrise, was published in Slice Magazine as a winner of their city wide competition.  Freshman year in high school Kamey went on a public-speaking tour, sharing her spoken-word poem “I Am From” which was later featured on in 2015.  As an active participant in the Future Project, a nonprofit organization, she co-hosted the organization’s NYC Vision 2020 and WE EPIC end of the year student city-wide event. She has also hosted back to back Sista 2 Sista Summits at St. Francis college in Brooklyn in March of 2015 and 2016. Kamey currently serves on a student consulting team for projects led by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, inspirED by Facebook, and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s Emotion Revolution. She been selected to be the representative of her High School in the Emotion Revolution, which promotes socio-emotional learning in High Schools across the country.