I walk into the room.  The air is thick and my heart is beating extremely fast. Today is the day we find out.  After all the gifts are given and speeches are made, the long awaited announcement is here. I want it so badly, probably more than I want anything in my life. It would signify that I was in fact a part of the team and that I wasn’t an outcast. I take a deep breath and try to keep a straight face.

And the captains are…

My stomach drops and I could feel myself fighting back tears. I would not cry in front of everyone. I look at my coach as she congratulates our new captains, feeling horrible that it isn’t me. She then proceeds to apologize to the three of us who did not get captain, as she knew we all wanted it, but I don’t think she knew to what extent I did. The pain is too much to cope with in the moment and my only priority at that point is grabbing my parents and getting out of the restaurant as fast as humanly possible.

In the weeks that followed I ended up hanging out with one of my friends from the team who was devastated because she didn’t get captain either. At first we spent our time talking about how angry, upset, and hurt we were, but eventually we just started having fun together, like normal friends. Our friendship was born out of and solidified by a common misery, but became the most fun, silly, and open friendship that I have. We were so honest with each other about the common hurt we felt in the weeks after the announcement and that only made our bond grow stronger.

Now this all may seem very cheesy, but getting captain was a really big deal to me. Looking back on it I wouldn’t change what happened, but at the time it seemed like the worst thing ever. I realize now that when my team closed the door to me being captain, they opened another door: a new friendship.

So, I hope you can take away two main things from this experience: One is that sometimes its good to take a step back and find the positive side of things. I promise there will always be one, even if you don’t see it right away. Have confidence that something good is coming your way. And second, no matter how terrible you feel or how alone you think you are, there is always someone who is going through the same thing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up finding your best friend!

Bio: Hey everyone! I am Rebecca Slossberg and I am 18 years old. I live in Connecticut and I just graduated from Amity High School. I will be attending Pennsylvania State University in the fall as a Human Development and Family Studies major on a pre-med track. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is purple. I love to dance and do anything artistic, although I definitely love my sports. In my free time I also love to volunteer with the elderly!