Together students develop a working definition of contentment/balance in their lives.


  1. Cognitive: Students will be able to define contentment and identify examples in their own life.
  2. Affective: Students will increase ability to cooperate and contribute to classroom definition of contentment.


journals, writing utensils

Teacher Prep



Time Activity Notes
2 min Explain students will start with journaling and then work together to define contentment/balanced as a group.

Ask first journaling question: How do you know when you are contented and in-balance?

Students journal about or draw their concept of contentment and balance in life. Remind students there is no wrong answer. Encourage students to consider thoughts, feelings, and actions when they are content.


Optional: Consider doing this as part of a series followed by mindful breathing, and the body scan within the contented and balanced category.


3 min Introduce the second journaling question: How do you know when you are discontented and out of balance?

Students journal or draw their concepts of discontentment and imbalance.

What effective and ineffective actions do you tend to take when feeling imbalanced?
5 min Ask students to pair-share with a partner on concepts of contentment/discontentment and balance/imbalance.

Optional: Encourage a few pairs to share with the class. The class can then identify a working definition of contentment/balance in life.

Write down class definition and post in the classroom.

Encourage students to use active listening when their partners are sharing.

Teacher Reflection

How did you feel after the activity? Did students participate
and seem engaged? Remember to ask the students to share their feedback on the activity: What went well? What suggestions do they have for making the activity better? Think about what you might do differently next time.

Emotional Intelligence Tips

  • Offer scenarios of the terms, if necessary, to prompt student discussion
  • Encourage students to be patient, respectful, open, and reserve judgment