Students view/hear an instance of successful teamwork and reflect on the experience of working toward a common goal.


  1. Cognitive: Students will be able to identify situations in which to participate cooperatively.
  2. Affective: Students will feel energized and curious about group success.


video of a coordinated moment of teamwork resulting in success. projector/audio, journals, writing utensils


Time Activity Notes
3 min Explain that working together is inevitable.

Play a video of coordinated movement or one that tells a story of teamwork resulting in success.

Encourage self-awareness. How does it feel to experience success in a team?
4 min Ask students to reflect on how watching those moments of success made them feel.

Ask them to recall a time when they worked as a team and reached a shared goal.

Invite them to journal briefly about these experiences and feelings.

Encourage them to write in a stream of consciousness style. Not to worry too much about grammar or punctuation. Focus on feelings.
3 min Wrap up the activity by highlighting that energy can be created by working together on a joint task. Ask:

  • How can working together energize you?
  • When might it be helpful to work together?

Optional: Offer time for students to gather thoughts. Ask students to share observations (in pairs, small group, whole group).

Example Cues

“Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals.”


Teacher Reflection

How did you feel after the activity? Did students participate and seem engaged?

Remember to ask the students to share their feedback on the activity: What went well? What suggestions do they have for making the activity better? Think about what you might do differently next time.

Emotional Intelligence Tips

  • Approach the activity with curiosity and openness.