In this two-part lesson, students first watch Liz Murray’s TED talk entitled “For the Love of Possibility” and write a story about a time when they felt empowered.


Students will be able to:

  1. Identify the central message of Liz Murray’s TED talk and identify methods of telling an engaging story
  2. Create their own short story about a time they felt empowered
  3. Identify the central message in a peer’s story


Liz Murray’s TED Talk


Time Activity Notes
2 min
  • Tell students that they will be watching a video today about someone’s journey toward empowerment and that they will be using this video as an example for telling their own story about a time they felt empowered.
  • Preview that Liz will tell two stories in one talk and that they should pay attention to the similarities and differences in each story. b this is what they are going to use in their own “TED Talk” in the next lesson.
This is day 1 of a two-lesson cycle. First, they will hear Liz Murray’s story.
13 min
View Liz Murray’s TED Talk
15-20  min Students think of a time when they felt empowered and craft a story related to that experience. share with a friend. In the next lesson, they will mimic Murray’s style of combining two stories and use their own story and their friend’s story to create their own “TED Talk”.


Connections to Other Emotions

This lesson can also be used for passionate/purposeful as well as proud/accomplished. The activities in this lesson build the emotion of connected/supported as well.

Criteria for Success/Formative Assessment

In part two of this activity students will produce brief TED Talks that…

  • Effectively incorporate both their own and their partner’s story.
  • Convey an inspirational and engaging message.
  • Make intentional choices in style and delivery that enhances the message.