Have you ever noticed that you’re kinder and more respectful to others than you are to yourself? Often times, we are our own biggest critics.

How to:

There are ways we can change our mindset to promote self-appreciation and respect. If you find yourself constantly giving respect to other people and not to yourself, this article is for you.

Self-respect starts with self-awareness. Assess how you might relate to this article by answering:

  • What rings true about this article for you?
  • In what settings do you find yourself doing some of the actions named (at work, in school, home, with friends, clubs, sports etc.)?
  • Once you are aware, which strategies do you think could support you the most?
  • Consider talking with a friend or spending time reflecting (however you do this best) to talk through how you can take action in ‘real time’ moments when this will likely occur again. Make a plan.
  • Appreciate yourself right now with at least one acknowledgment for doing this exercise!