Here are some simple ideas to power up your everyday routine. Practicing these habits can help you feel more in control, self-confident, and powerful.

How to:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others: When we compare ourselves, it is usually in negative contexts: seeing our bodies, grades, success, friends as less than others’. This can inhibit us from feeling empowered. If you notice yourself comparing, shift the comparison to yourself and focus on growth. For example, if you are comparing the friendships you have to someone else’s friendships, instead compare the relationships you used to have to the new relationships you have and notice your own growth.
  • Give back: Giving back can help us feel like we are making an impact. Giving back can look like volunteering at a food drive, donating a few dollars to a cause you care about, helping someone with their homework, or giving someone a compliment. By giving back, we can feel like we are making an impact and therefore feel empowered.
  • Learn to say no: Do your find yourself saying “Yes” too often when people ask favors of you? Saying yes too often can make us feel overwhelmed and less in control of our time. Gain control by learning to say “no” to people and tasks that overwhelm us.