Students watch a motivational TED talk and write their own motivational messages, speeches, or video scripts.


Students will be able to:

  1. Discuss and share motivational experiences
  2. Create his/her own motivational message
  3. Create a way to share a motivational message with others


Computer/audio/projector for showing motivational video, pen/paper or student computers for drafting


Time Activity Notes
5 mins
  • Start the day with an upbeat, motivational song and a short journal prompt.
  • This lesson is about motivation so ask students a question like: “What motivates you?” or “How do you find motivation when you really need it?”
5-10 mins (depending on length of video shown)
Motivational Video
  • Select a TED Talk or another motivational video that you feel will inspire and motivate your class.

10 mins

Lead students in a discussion of the elements of the motivational video that were particularly successful or unsuccessful in motivating them.

You may want to allow students to journal their responses first to allow think-time as well as to avoid one student’s opinion of the video swaying the discussion.

ELA Teachers can tie this analysis into an analysis of author’s craft and rhetorical devices (which also increases the rigor of the conversation).
15 mins
Planning and Writing the Speech/Script

Give students time to write their own motivational speech or video script.

Differentiation: Give students who struggle to organize information or express themselves in writing, graphic organizers and sentence starters to help them plan their motivational speech or video.
5 mins

Consider the following prompts:

  • What elements did you choose to add to your message to make it motivational?
  • What was the process of writing a motivational message or speech like for you? What was easy about it? What was difficult?
  • When and how will you present your motivational message or speech?
Follow Up
Follow Up

Schedule time with your class to share these speeches or videos for sustaining motivation.

You can create a #motivationmonday hashtag for your scholars to post their videos or motivational speeches to social media and/or a class web site.

Be sure to follow any social media policies that your school may require for student work.

Criteria for Success/Formative Assessment

Students will create and share motivational messages, speeches, and/or videos.