Students attempt to jump and land at the same time while developing a sense of teamwork and collaboration.


  1. Cognitive: Students will recognize need to connect with others to achieve a common goal
  2. Affective: Students will feel challenged and motivated to work with those around them, benefiting from a mutually supportive environment


Time Activity Notes
1 min Bring students together in a circle.

Give an overview of the activity, explaining that the exercise will call for students to “sync” up as they jump.

The goal is to jump and land in unison.

Encourage playfulness, perseverance and effort.
3 min Instruct students to link arms in the circle.

Suggest students use verbal cues to begin.

Option: challenge students to jump and land in unison without using words.

Auditory Cues: “together” “try again”

Note instances of students supporting and encouraging each other.

1 min Wrap up the activity by highlighting the mutual effort that everyone made.

Ask: How can having a common goal energize the community?  How did it feel to work together to a common goal?

Highlight how common goals can be motivating.

Teacher Reflection

How did you feel after the activity? Did students participate and seem engaged? Remember to ask the students to share their feedback on the activity: What went well? What suggestions do they have for making the activity better? Think about what you might do differently next time.

Emotional Intelligence Tips

Encourage students to take chances, try again