Do you remember a place where you have always felt safe? Go back to your safe space by visualizing, writing, or drawing.

How to:

Maybe your safe space is your bedroom, when you are with friends, when you are cuddling a pet, on vacation, on the soccer field, on the yoga mat, walking in nature, or just relaxing in the couch. Here are three methods to remember that space:

  • Visualize your safe space. When you need a moment to yourself, close your eyes and picture yourself in the middle of the place that you choose.
  • Write about your safe space, detailing the landscape, colors, and textures. What do you hear, see, and feel when you are in that place?
  • Draw your safe space and post it somewhere meaningful: your bathroom mirror, your locker, next to your bed. Print an image and carry it around with you. Visual reminders can be powerful influences!