There is inspiration all around you! From the great outdoors to the internet, people are discovering their passions every day.

How to:

Read this article and learn about 50 ways to find inspiration in your life.

  1. Read through the ‘Lists of Inspiration’ in this article.
  2. Circle or jot down the top 3 inspirations from each list that most inspire you today.
  3. Act by doing one of inspirations that you choose today or within the week – put a date on it!

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Additionally, you could make a physical or digital ‘jar of inspirations” by jotting down each one of the top 3 inspirations or printing out the article and cutting out the inspirations that you liked. Once you have compiled the list of all the inspirations then put them in the physical jar or digital online place that you choose where you can later return to it.
  • You can either spontaneously come back to the ‘jar of inspirations’ or you can set aside time to do so on a regular occurrence.