Make your space more inspiring with a DIY inspiration board!

How to:

This activity explains how to create a simple, no-cost or low-cost inspiration board that requires only a few tools, and will leave your space more inspiring. What you need (and you can improvise as needed): cork board (or substitute poster board), pins, colored paper, tape, glue, magazines, pins, whatever else you want to use for fun!

  1. Cut out the pictures that you want to use
  2. Put colored paper on the base of cork board (optional)
  3. Put pictures on board
  4. Lay out board
  5. Put pins (or glue) on board to hold pics once you decide where you want them
  6. Tape to hold it more firmly (optional)
  7. Hang it up

Tips and Suggestions:

You can hang your inspiration board anywhere for a quick dose of motivation!