Draw a map of your connections! There are many layers of people we care about and many generations of people who care about us. This map will help you visualize the meaningful connections in your life.

How To:

  • Start by thinking about people in your life: family members, friends, teachers, mentors, and neighbors. Visualize their faces in your mind. Think of why you are connected to them and what those people mean to you.
  • Write the names of family members, friends, teachers, mentors, and neighbors in your life. Scatter their names on a blank piece of paper.
  • Branching out from the names you already wrote, write the names of the people in their lives. Write the names of your family members and their ancestors. Write the names of your friends’ friends and your teachers’ friends and so on. Attach photos to certain names if you would like.
  • Notice the branches you drew and realize the numerous connections you have in your life. Each of the people on your map is living their own story, with their own cast of major and minor characters and their own successes and challenges.
  • Post this connection map somewhere special: bathroom mirror, locker, or your desk. When you feel like you need support, remember this map and feel more connected.